Executive Board

The Executive Board FY ‘15 – ‘16. Youth Commissioners from L to R: Cailan Cumming, Noah Weinstein, Nidhi Bandrapalli, Bharathi Chinnakotla, Mei-Mei Chun Moy & Kelly Liang.


Chair: Nidhi Bandrapalli
Vice Chair: Bharathi Chinnakotla
Adolescent Needs Committee Chair: Bharathi Chinnakotla
Environmental Protection Committee Chair: Cailan Cumming
Immigrant Youth Committee Chair: Kelly Liang
Legislative Committee Chair: Mei-Mei Chun Moy
Teen Stress and Happiness Committee Chair: Noah Weinstein


Open to the community and Youth Commission

Current Members

Nidhi Bandrapalli, Bharathi Chinnakotla, Cailan Cumming, Mei-Mei Chun Moy, Kelly Liang & Noah Weinstein.


To assess, analyze, and address youth life in San Mateo County.


The Youth Commission’s Executive Board members are the leaders and public face of the Youth Commission (SMCYC). The Co-Chairs oversee the Public and Workgroup Meetings, while the Committee Chairs oversee their respective Committees. The entire Executive Board works to motivate and encourage active participation of all SMCYC members, while consistently upholding and enforcing the procedural rules. Additionally, the Board determines the activities for the Commission, selects new Youth Commissioners each fiscal year, and determines the agendas for all workgroup and public meetings. Finally, they act as spokespeople for the Youth Commission in the greater San Mateo County community.

Meeting Times

Every 1st Thursday of each month 6:15 – 8:15pm at 700 South Claremont Street, Suite 110, San Mateo

Next Meeting

Thursday January 6th @ 6:15PM