What exactly are Fishbowls?

Fishbowls are specifically structured focus groups that engage youth in a conversation about a specific topic while observers, usually adults, sit around and listen respectfully, silently, and attentively.


Why does the Youth Commission coordinate Fishbowls?

As a program of the Youth Development Initiative, it is part of our mission to include youth voice in decision making. The Youth Commission wants to engage other youth and their opinions on important issues that affect young people and the whole community. Most importantly, most people who have attended and/or participated expressed an appreciation in being part of it.


Here are notes from past Fishbowls:


2008 Fishbowl Series (Mentoring, Sex Education, Stress, Environment, and Violence)


2009 Fishbowl Series (Election, Discrimination, Depression, Drugs and Alcohol, Violence)


PRIDE: LGBTQII Youth and Allies, Dec 2009


Mental Health and Youth, Mar 2006


Cunha School Health and Wellness, Apr 2005