2010-2011 Board/Commission Projects

Youth Commissioners serving on the Board and Commission Track of the Youth Commission are required to complete a project related to their Board or Commission.  Youth Commissioners design and implement their projects with the support of their adult allies.


Commission on Disabilities – Niko Tsiplakos

My project is to inform people about parks and for them to be safer and more accessible to people with disabilities, especially the kids. To do this, I developed an ADA checklist to evaluate county parks. Click here to see my checklist.


Commission on the Status of Women – Mia Semelman

My project will explore common cuss words used against young women today. Through this workshop, participants will be able to learn about the history behind three of today’s most common words and the effects of them on a variety of different of women. With specific examples from media such as the rap and hip-hop culture, I hope that my audience will come away from this workshop with more awareness about how inappropriate, destructive, and hurtful these words can be. Click here to see my powerpoint presentation.


First 5 – Sylvia Chen

This year, I will be creating a brochure designed to be a brief, yet effective, resource detailing the negative aspects of tobacco use.  I’m aiming to include defining firsthand, secondhand, and thirdhand smoke, the effects of tobacco use, and the benefits of smoke-free housing. Additionally, I hope to utilize part of my brochure to list resources, such as hotline numbers regarding smoke-free housing, available in San Mateo County. Hopefully, the end result will be an an outreach tool geared toward parents and adults! Click here to see my powerpoint presentation, which includes my brochure.


First 5 – Jacqueline Cortez

In my project, I hope to raise awareness on health by focusing on the importance of giving children water to drink, rather than sugar sweetened beverages. I will present a PowerPoint to both the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities about the harmful effects that sugar sweetened beverages can produce, and how they can harm a child in the future. Click here to see my powerpoint presentation.


Mental Health and Substance Abuse Recovery Commission – Donald Livingston

My project is to organize a culturally competent suicide prevention at my school, for the 10th grade. I have enlisted several speakers, who will each speak for about 8 minutes. In addition, there will be a short video about a teenager who has gone through many of the issues that will be discussed. At the end, everyone will split up into small groups, each led by one speaker, for more personal Q&A. A survey will be distributed at the end for any comments that may have arisen. Click here to see my powerpoint presentation.


Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council – Kayla Bauhaus

As a member of the Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council (PPLC), my project centralizes around Destination 2025, an event to be held on April 2nd by PPLC to plan a course of action toward better support systems for youth across San Mateo County. The bulk of my project is in preparation of the event. I will act as a sort of liaison between PPLC and the youth attending the event.