2009-2010 Board/Commission Projects

Youth Commissioners serving on the Board and Commission Track of the Youth Commission are required to complete a project related to their Board or Commission.  Youth Commissioners design and implement their projects with the support of their adult allies. 


Commissioner Donald Livingston- Mental Health Board

He will be hosting a suicide prevention forum for the sophomore class at his high school, Summit Preparatory.  His goals are to 1) raise awareness about teen suicide, 2) provide information about signs and indicators that teens are considering suicide, and 3) to provide resources for youth who know someone or are considering suicide.  He has contacted several county staff at the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services for leads on speakers. If successful, his school wants to do a school wide presentation next year.


Commissioner Terry Chan- First 5 San Mateo County

She will be preparing a presentation for youth at his high school about a career in early child development.


Commissioner Sylvia Chen- First 5 San Mateo County

She will be hosting a focus group with teen parents to get feedback on the First 5 Parent Kits.


Commissioner Jessica Esquivel- Pride Initiative

She is participating in the Pride fishbowls.  She will be collaborating with members from the Pride Initiative and the Youth Development Initiative to plan and carry out the fishbowls.  The first fishbowl was held in the Northern part of San Mateo County.  The second fishbowl will be held in the Southern part of the County.  Please click here for more information on fishbowls.


Commissioner James Pollack

He will be working in partnership with Larry Best, Director of the Peninsula Partnership and Leadership Council, to develop a policy platform for the collaborative.  One of his roles will be to integrate the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth into the policy platform.


Commissioner Jose “Freddy” Ceja- Peninsula Partnership and Leadership Council

He will be working to translate the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth into Spanish.  This is something that he identified as important during this time on the board last year.


Commissioner Stephanie Young- Commission on the Status of Women

She will be doing a research project that compares local perceptions of young girls in sports or education to national or state perceptions.   Based on her research, she will also provide a recommendation on what to do with this information.


Commissioner Marisha Banks- Tobacco Retail License campaign with YO!Mateo. 

They will be focusing their efforts in Redwood City and Belmont.  She will be participating in the purchase surveys which require them to go into stores and attempt to buy cigarettes.